YARA Fresh Hair Mist 50ML (1.7 OZ) By Lattafa, Experience The Sweet & Sensual Aroma.

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Yara Fresh Hair Mist 50ML by Lattafa

"Yara Hair Mist" by Lattafa is a fragrance specifically designed to enhance and complement your hair's natural scent.

Unlike traditional perfumes, hair mists are lighter and more delicate, ensuring they don't overpower your hair while still leaving a subtle and enchanting aroma.

The "Yara" scent is a captivating blend of floral & fruity notes, carefully crafted to provide a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance experience.

With its convenient mist format, it's perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, leaving your hair smelling delightful throughout the day.

  • Top Notes - Heliotrope, Orchid, and Tangerine.
  • Heart Notes - Gourmand accord, Tropical fruits.
  • Base Notes - Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Musk.