Perfume AMEERAT AL ARAB 100 ml Women Eau de Parfum Arabic

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Perfume AMEERAT AL ARAB 100 ml Women Eau de Parfum Arabic Oudh Oriental Perfume Girl Attar Musk NOTES: Citrons, Fleur, Fruit, Musc, Vétiver. The Perfume extract is applied with the greatest subtlety. Thanks to its spray spray applicator, gently deposit the Perfume on the pulse points: hollow of the neckline, behind the ears, base of the neck, hairline. Parfum AMEERAT AL ARAB is inspired by the art of seduction and the irresistible act of coming together. The oriental fragrance for her is designed to arouse a hidden power of seduction that envelops the woman who wears it with a captivating allure. The scent is irresistibly attractive, fascinating. It is unbelievably incredible. It permeates every atmosphere and thrives completely. Take advantage and announce your arrival wherever you go. Arabic essences for all types of customers who prefer strong and warm aromas, for women . This oriental eau de parfum has unique Arabic aromas, a lasting smell and an indescribable elegance. Contemporary and modern fragrance for modern life. Sleek and cool design. Add a touch of gravity and elegance to modern lifestyle. Gives you more visibility and elegance. Sensual Perfume and Sensation of Freshness 1 Bottle of 100ml.

Item form Spray
Item volume 100 Millilitres
Scent Oriental
Special feature Long Lasting