Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Deo Spray for Women - 150 ml

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Wrap yourself with the aroma of invigorating freshness. You can use Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray - 150ml. The product is available in Bangladesh. Enriched with the essence of natural ingredients and notes of lemon, Rose, and Muget it will provide a soothing aroma around you. It is specially created for women who love floral and soothing aromas. The spray can also provide 24 hours of freshness without causing skin irritation. The formula is so soothing on the skin. This Enchanteur signature spray has a long-lasting fragrance and better odor-prevention quality than any other ordinary product. The spray formula dries quickly on the skin. Just apply only a few sprays on the skin and you are ready to smell appealing. The product is free of dangerous chemicals and completely safe for all types of skin.

Notes of Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray : 

  • Lemon, Rose, and Muguet