Dirham | bakhoor/incense tablet | 40g

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Brand super fragrances
Item form Tablets, Powder
Material Agarwood
Scent Amber, Agarwood, Rose
Product benefits Reduces stress and anxiety and promotes positivity
Manufacturer super fragrances

About this item

  • FRAGRANCE TYPE: Premum Quality Arabian Incense/bakhoor tablet
  • USES: This can be used in the home, office, shops and also on clothes, hair and body
  • VOLUME: 40g
  • USES: Weddings, Religious ceremonies, Special gatherings, Perfuming clothes and hair, Welcoming special guests, Perfuming the house To boost positive energy
  • HOW TO USE: Place the charcoal disc in the Incense burner and apply the flame until you see sparks traversing the coal. After a while, the disc will form some gray soot like ash over the top indicating it is hot and ready. Now you can place a piece/ sprinkle of bakhoor/ incense on top of the disc with tongs and experience your exotic bakhoor fragrance. Use a little for a light fragrance and more for a strong aroma.. Allow the charcoal to completely cool down before disposing.